20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (2023)

Afro twist hairstyles are common among women with the kinky hair type. It is not strange to see these hairstyles in different corporate offices, the afro twist hairstyles can be worn to occasions, and some brides have been found wearing these trendy hairstyles at their own weddings. Kinky hair is so apt for making twists and women of African descent are really taking advantage. These trending twist hairstyles are no longer limited to the female population as the men are also neck-deep into twisting. We now see several men, especially those in showbiz, going around with twisted hair.

How Common Are Afro Twists as the Go-to Style for Natural Hair?

Afro twists are fast becoming the go-to style for women who choose to keep their natural hair. The gamut of afro twists for afro-textured hair includes hair twists, mini-twists, flat twists, bold twists, tiny twists, and the likes. Even women around the world with other hair textures are beginning to favor twists and it is no longer strange to see people with silky hair sporting one type of Afro twist or the other.

Twists can be styled in several ways; there are really classic ones that can admit the wearer into any event or place and the casual ones that can go for an everyday hairdo. Whichever style you choose, just ensure it goes down well with your facial features.

Short Afro Twist Hairstyles

Many women, especially those with short hair prefer the short afro twist hairstyles. This kind of hairdo does not just afford the wearer comfort, it completely removes the hassle of packing your hair every morning before leaving the house, The only downside is you can hardly change the style it is made with, unlike the longer version that allows the wearer change styles at will. The short afro twist hairstyles come in different styles:

1. Short Two-Strand Twist Black Hairstyle

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (1)

The Short Two-Strand Twist Black Hairstyles is one fantastic afro twist hairdo that is very common among women with short hair. The fabulous manner in which it enhances beauty is what makes them so appealing to the female flock. Even some women with longer hair have been known to crop their hair just to rock this elegant look for a short while. However, experts have devised ways of folding in long hair without having to cut and still achieve the same result. The flexibility of this hairdo lies in its prominent features and women across all hair textures are bound to come off looking amazing with the Short Two-Strand Twist Black Hairstyles.

The hairdo comes with a side parting on the left side with small weavings lining both sides of the parting and channeling the twists to fall towards the back and the right side of the face. The remaining part of the hair is sectioned into small boxes and twisted all the way to the tips.

2. Kinky Twist and Curly Ends

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (2)

This is another short twist afro hairstyle that is sure to leave the wearer with a becoming look. The twists are made very tight and the tips are secured with beautiful curls. Even with the curled ends, this style is considered to be very convenient, especially for women who wouldn’t want their hair to be constantly getting in the way.

Though the inspiration for the style came from the ’90s, its modern touch is totally thanks to the new styling techniques. Pinning this style involves braiding the partitioned hair into kinky twists. The color of hair in the picture matches the skin tone of the wearer but there are loads of colors you can choose from if you are the type that loves to infuse a little color in your looks.

3. Bob Length Kinky Twists

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (3)

Your short afro twist hairstyles can come in two tones and it is not strange to see some ladies who make theirs with three tones. Whichever may be the case, the truth is that adding extra tones to your hair gives you a sharper look as it looks very different from the ones made with a single color of attachment. Besides, colors will make the wearer stand out in any outfit.

Twisting the purple and black hairdo in the picture is simple, as you section the hair into small box sizes, twist in the shades sporadically into each box in such a way that only a little glimpse of the infused color will be showing at the end of the day. With the tip left in rough curls, the end result is comparable to a prismatic masterpiece.

4. Afro Twist Braid Hairstyles with Twist out Styling

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (4)

Flat-out twists do appear amazingly cute on a woman with a kinky hair texture. It is listed among those fitting styles that add a protective element to textured hair. From the rigid twist to the free-flowing flat-out styles, women of African descent are spoiled for choice. However, you should endeavor to go for only the method that will synchronize with your kinky-textured short hair. The makings of Afro flat-out styles are quite simple and what’s more, the maintenance can be carried out effortless but the wearer still gets to enjoy a stunning look.

5. Short Twists Braids Bob Style with Kinky Hair

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (5)

Women who love changing their looks frequently won’t go wrong with quick hairstyles. When you need a hairdo fast, your choice should run to kinky twists that are all about volume. When you make your twists shorter, the end result will make the hair appear fuller and a noticeable bounce will be evident.

To achieve this Short Twists Braids Bob, cut the attachment into shorter length but not so short as a tighter twisting will further shorten the length. Then, begin to section the hair and start twisting with the cut attachments until you get to the tip. The style in the picture stops at mid-ear level with a few overflows to give you that attractive look.

Long and Medium Afro Twist Hairstyles

Now, if you can handle the hassle that comes with medium and long afro twist hairstyles, there are a plethora of styles you can choose from. We must note that the best part of making the long twists is that the wearer can park and repark it as the mood takes her. As you change into new parking styles, it will actually make people think that you got a new hairdo as each new style leaves you with a brand new look.

6. Kinky Twists with Golden Brown Tips

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (6)

Very daring color combinations are evident in kinky afro twist hairstyle and a good example is this Kinky Twists with Golden Brown Tips. The twists are made very tight at the base and the tightness extends to the tip where it is accentuated by shiny golden curls. The baby curls at the front hairline are smoothened with gell and brushed with a soft toothbrush.

7. Two-Strand Twist With Soft Curls

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (7)

For people who want to apply a feminine touch, this Two-Strand Twist With Soft Curls is just so apt. the bottom is made in black, and the tip sports soft curls highlighted with subtle purple color. If you are averse to purple, any other color of your choice can be used for the hairdo. Though this hairstyle can be rocked casually, it blends very well with any professional setting, and the wearer can grace any occasion with it. Natural moisturizers can be used in maintaining the twists and curls to keep the strands clean and shiny.

8. Tight Twists with a Headband

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (8)

Tight Twists with a Headband might well be the most acceptable within the circle of the kinky afro twist hairstyles. This hairdo is a winner due to the chicness of the style in addition to its simplicity. These are medium-length tight braids in black color with curls at the tips. Remember, the curls will only come after you have used hot water on the tips and the finishing is done by throwing an elastic band over the hair to keep it back. This Tight Twists with a Headband is just so perfect for the days you don’t have the luxury of time to fuss over your small kinky twists.

9. The Chunky Half up Half down Ponytail

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (9)

Now, this is exactly what is meant by changing your packing style. The hairdo in the picture was made as a regular afro twist hairstyle by sectioning the entire hair into sizeable boxes and twisting all to the end. Left like that, it will make a very beautiful style for the wearer but in a bid to give it an edge, the stylist had to divide the twisted hair into two large sections from ear to ear. The backside is left to fall naturally across the wearer’s shoulder, forming a long ponytail while the front part is rolled into a doughnut and held on the head with a rubber band.

This gives the wearer a completely new look and one good thing about this style is that you are at liberty to change back to the original style. What’s more, the Chunky Half up Half down Ponytail is quick and flirty and can go with any outfit. It is equally suitable for the office, different kinds of occasions and it will surely make the wearer look stunning on a date.

10. Soft Medium-Length Kinky Curls

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (10)

Twisted braids do not always need to be tight, you can decide to make them soft like the Soft Medium-Length Kinky Curls in the picture above. This hairstyle is in medium length with side parting and the tips are left loose and curled to make it last longer; it equally gives the wearer what can be best described as a fun, feminine edge. This lightweight happy summer option is designed to frame the wearer’s face nicely.

11. Elegant Protective Style

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (11)

Making a long afro twist hairstyle means that the wearer can explore the gamut of parking styles. The Elegant Protective Style in the picture is also referred to as Kinky-Twists-Updo-With-Side-Bangs. Disengaging the parking will reveal a very long twist with curly ends achieved by dipping the tip of the hair in hot water but the parking gave it a completely different appearance. What’s more, the two-tone will make you stand out in your outfit, and adding a pair of heels to your adornment gives you another class of elegance!

This style is a kind of formal approach to your kinky twist braids. When you are done with the twisting and hot water treatment, allow the hair to air dry and then separate the front part, sweeping them across the wearer’s face like bangs. The overflow will be gathered to the middle of the scalp and pinned down with bobby pins. With this classic style, a woman is sure to become the belle of the ball on a date night, a formal black-tie affair, a wedding ceremony, and the likes.

12. Medium-Twist Braids for Shoulder Length Hair

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (12)

These medium twisted braids go a few inches beyond the shoulder. The neatly sectioned braids can be achieved by cutting the attachment you are going to use into two equal halves for the twisting. The hair can be parked in several attractive ways but the one in the picture is a beautifully done side parting. The style is deemed suitable for the office, for business meetings, and you can brandish them at any event. To make it last longer, sleep with a satin scarf tied to your head to prevent it from getting frizzy.

13. Easy Wavy Twists with Beads

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (13)

The beauty of this afro twist hairstyle majorly lies in its length that extends all the way to the middle of the back. In this instance, the attachment to be used doesn’t need to be cut, and even when the length of your attachment doesn’t get to the desired level, the stylist can cut and add an extra length to make it longer. the hair is twisted in the normal way until it gets to the tip. The wavy look is achieved by submerging the finished hair in boiling water and the subtle highlights seen in the pictures are from beads that are attached to the hair as finishing touches.

14. Senegalese Twists with Kinky Marley Hair

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (14)

In the kinky hair community, Senegalese twists have always been a favorite with women. Its intricate pattern and smooth texture are good reasons to try out this hairdo. You can achieve this look with the use of straight braiding hair. Here, the twists a bit smaller compared to the chunky alternative made with the Marley hairstyle.

15. Long Blonde Kinky Twists with Marley Hair

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (15)

Those that have decided to go completely blond can try out this Long Blonde Kinky Twist. When choosing the Marly hair to use, be sure to go for one with a perfect shade of blonde. Bleaching your natural hair will give the wearer an overall blond look but this may not be necessary as a skilled stylist knows how to hide the natural hair as much as possible and you will still get the same result.

Afro Twist Hairstyles With Natural Hair

Many people make afro twist hairstyles with the use of synthetic attachments, some use wool to create longer lengths while many would prefer using the age-old black tread for making hair. However, when you want to run away from the stress of carrying these extra weights on your head, you can consider twisting your hair without infusing any form of attachment. It is light and does not give much stress, what’s more, the wearer looks even more beautiful with it, especially those with dense hair.

16. Stretched Loose Twists

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (16)

When your hair is as thick as the one in the picture above, your choice of Afro twist hairstyles will be limitless. Twisting natural hair also requires a person’s hair to have some length to bring out the beauty. Now with naturally long and thick hair, you can explore the range of tight to loose curls, and there are very becoming ways of packing your long hair after twisting.

The hairstyle above is called Stretched Loose Twists and one thing with loose twists is that it retains the full volume of your hair. Hair that is tightly twisted will be missing some volume, though it will appear very neat, with a loose twist, the hair will even appear like it is fluffed. Making the style in the picture is quite easy, just section the hair as desired and complete the twisting while keeping it loose. This particular style is distinguished by the center parting that gives it that classy look. This hairstyle makes the wearer appear bigger and it can be worn anywhere in the office, event, occasion, and the likes.

17. Loose Twists and Top Bun on Blowout

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (17)

There isn’t much difference between the Stretched Loose Twists and the Loose Twists and Top Bun on Blowout. Both hairstyles are made exactly in the same manner but the wearer can decide to have some change of style from time to time. You may decide to carry the loose twists with center parting for a few days and then change the style to what is visible in the picture.

Achieving this extra look does not even require the attention of a hairstylist as the wearer can DIY it. Just select the twists aligning the center parting on both sides and push them up. This can be held with a band to keep them in place.

18. Twisted Low Ponytail

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (18)

Evidently, you can do a lot with natural hair that is very long. You may even decide to combine the afro twist hairstyles with other types of hairdos. For the one in the picture, the wearer combined normal weaving which is evident in the front with a few semi-tight twists at one side, and the remaining part of the hair is left untouched but everything is packed together with a firm hairband. Needless to say, this is a unique combination of styles that outlines the features of the wearer, especially the face, and what’s more, it emphasizes the length of the neck. This office-ready style appears more impressive on thick natural hair. With this put-together look, the wearer is good and ready for any occasion or date.

19. Criss-Cross Buns

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (19)

We have seen a lot of complicated hairdos with the afro twist hairstyles but this Criss-Cross Buns sure takes the cake. This is one hairstyle that cannot be made by anybody but a professional hairstylist who is well-versed in the intricacies of Afro twists. Criss-crossing this hair hairstyle is not an easy feat but you will agree that the result is well worth the time and effort spent in making it.

What goes into the makings of the style requires some meticulous attention to learn. First, part the hair in the middle and begin to section each side into smaller box sizes. The two sides will be flat twisted, while the sectioned strands in the middle will each be held with a black rubber band at the base before twisting. When you are done with the twisting, cross them in your chosen pattern or you may choose to create a more elaborate look by crisscrossing them at the end, an untwisted bun is formed at the center which should be secured with another rubber band. The style in the photo can be created with a hundred percent natural hair but short-haired people can also get the same effect by adding attachments for a longer length.

20. Mini Twist on Short Natural Hair

20 Unique Afro Twist Hairstyles (20)

This Mini Twist on Short Natural Hair is one of the simplest afro twist hairstyles you can think of. You may decide to DIY it if you know the basics about twisting. The procedure is very simple and straightforward. With your scalp thoroughly washed and moisturized, you will need to air dry before proceeding to section the hair into little sizeable boxes. the boxes can come in small sizes, medium, or larger sizes, depending on choice. As you, section the hair, twist them immediately and pick the next one. By the time you finish twisting the sectioned boxes, you will create a similar look to the one in the picture.

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