6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (2023)

If you are looking for the best fly zapper to invest in, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ve put together the list of best bug zapper for flies to help facilitate your buying process.

One of the most common fly killer product is the fly zapper. They do not require lure or chemical to work, which is suitable for use at food area or sensitive places like at the hospital. It is also more cost effective in the long run to get rid of flies as compared to disposable fly control methods like sticky gel/ tape based fly traps.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using fly zapper:

Pros of using mosquito coil & stick

  • No chemical or pesticides needed
  • Works on almost all flying pests
  • Perfect for food or sensitive areas
  • Provides instant kill
  • No need to buy lure
  • Cost effective in the long term

Cons of using Ant Bait

  • Requires electricity
  • Location often stricted by powerpoint
  • Requires cleaning

1) Zap-it! Rechargeable Fly Zapper Racket

6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (1)

This Fly Zapper Racket by Zap-it! provides instant kill with its 4k volt power. This fly bat features a special 3-layer mesh to prevent shock due to accidental contact. It also comes with a built-in a USB outlet for recharging.

[May: Personally, I think a zapper racket is a well worth investment to have at home as its really handy when there’s a need to provide instant relief for a couple of flying pests.]


  • Kills any flying pests instantly
  • No pesticide or chemical required
  • No need for lure or bait
  • Last for a long time with proper care
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2) Flowtron BK-15D Fly Zapper Trap

6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (2)6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (3)

Designed for outdoor use, this fly zapper by Flowtronis a heavy duty trap that covers up to 1/2 acre of protection.

It’s Octenol attractant is USDA tested to attract all flying pests that gets zapped immediately by its non-clogging electric grills. The ultraviolet bulb does not require any tools to replace.

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It’s made with weatherproof material and tastefully designed to be decorative look and can be used as a security lighting around the house.


  • No need for insecticides
  • No tools required for bulb replacement
  • 2 yr limited warranty
  • Weatherproof material used

>> Also available: 1 Acre (BK-40D) & 1.5 Acre (BK-80D) coverage

3) Aspectek Indoor 20W Electric Fly Zapper

6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (4)6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (5)The powerful electronic fly zapper by Aspectek attracts flies with its UV fluorescent bar bulbs and kills the flies immediately on contact with the metal grid’s powerful 2800V electric shock.

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The zapper trap is enclosed within a mesh screen for safety in case of accidental contact with human and pets. It’s washable tray can be removed to facilitate the cleaning and disposal of zapped pests.

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This effective zapper trap kills flies and other flying pests, and can be placed on a flat ground or hang it up due to its lightweight.


  • 2800V electric grid power
  • Effective for up to 80 feet
  • Removable tray
  • Ease of cleaning
  • No need for attractants
  • No chemicals required
  • Preventive design feature
  • Lightweight & can be hang up


  • Needs electricity
  • Restricted to powerpoint location

4) BLACK+DECKER Outdoor Electric UV Fly Killer

6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (6)6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (7)This fly zapper trap by Black+Decker uses a long lasting UV lamp to lure flies into the trap before zapping them on contact. It provides up to ½ acre of protection against Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Gnats, Moths and other flying pests.

Its in-built Clog-Proof Grid allows killing of both large size and small pests, and the removable tray allows for easy cleaning. Each purchase also comes with a cleaning brush. You can choose to hang it up or simply place on a flat surface around outdoor areas to attract and kill flies.


  • Easy Plug-in as power source
  • Up to ½ acre coverage
  • Industrial Killing Strength
  • Easy Access to Replacement Bulbs
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5) 2 in 1 Electronic Fly Zapper Light Bulb

6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (8)6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (9)This 2 in 1 Fly Zapper Light Bulb by Zalikis a special bulb that allows you to switch between having the zapper function or a double function of a zapper and LED light.

As with other UV light zappers, it emits 365nm wavelengths that effectively attract flies and other flying pests before killing them with the low voltage current.

It’s quiet but deadly LED bulb has a pretty impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of light and can be used with any E27 lamp base with standard socket.


  • 2 in 1 feature
  • Chemical free
  • Durable & energy saving
  • No noise

6) COKIT Portable Camping Lantern Fly Zapper

6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (10)6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (11)This portable outdoor Fly Zapper by COKIT features a strong waterproof grade IP67 that makes it perfect for outdoor use.

This outdoor zapper lamp is both a UV fly zapper and a camping lantern that operates with just 3 x AA batteries and have 3 levels of brightness to suit your outdoor needs.

It emits an UV wavelength of between 360 to 390nm to attract flies and other annoying pests like mosquitoes flies, killing them with the electric grid.

This compact fly zapper lantern can be used on flat surface using its built-in tripod or hang on tree branches or on the tent.


  • Water-proof
  • Noise-free
  • Compact design
  • Works with just AA batteries
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7) AMUFER Electric Fly Zapper

6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (12)6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (13)6 Best Fly Zapper in 2022 - Pest Survival Guide (14)The AMUFER Electric Zapper is an indoor bug zapper that uses two UV lights to attract and kill flies and other flying pests with the high voltage 1800V electrified grid. It is designed to operate for 24/7 without clogging and the energy saving and long lasting 16W UV bulbs have a long 8000 hours usage

The 360 degree mesh grid also allows for maximum killing of flies and other flying pests coming from all directions. Its exterior is made with quality grids that prevents accidents from contact with the power grids, hence providing some safety around kids or pets.

It comes with a long 1.5M (almost 5 ft) power cable, and the drawable cleaning tray design allows you to easily remove it for cleaning.


  • 360 degree exposure for maximum killing
  • Up to 60 sq meters protection
  • No sounds when running
  • Safety outer housing grid
  • Includes replacement bulb
  • Includes cleaning brush

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for machine that gets rid of flying pests for a long time, a fly zapper trap is perfect for use indoors and sheltered areas outside. For the indoor area, a simple fly zapper trap with normal coverage will do the trick. Or big industrial areas of outdoor space like the backyard, consider a heavy duty one (i.e The Hoont Robust Fly Zapper).

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It is also ideal to keep a fly zapper racket in your arsenal to help provide instant relief for sudden visit from the nasty pest.

Are you dealing with fly problems at home? What makes you consider a fly zapper and what’s your number one concern when it comes to choosing the best bug zapper for flies? Let us know in the comment.

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